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- Emerald Swift
- Tangerine Enigma Leopard Gecko
- Butterfly Agama
- Leucistic Leopard Gecko
- White Lip Anole
- Bearded Dragons
- Green Anole
- Veiled Chameleons
- Cuban Knight Anole
- Savannah Monitor
- Electric Blue Day Gecko
- Croc Geckos
- Giant Day Gecko
- Spotted Tree Gecko
- Asst'd Crested Geckos
- Long Tail Grass Lizard
- Fire/Harlequin Crested Gecko
- Green Basilisk
- SHT Leopard Geckos
- Red Iguanas
- SHTCT Leopard Geckos
- Neon Blue Gliding Lizards
- SHTCTB Leopard Gecko
- Hi Yellow Leopard Gecko
- Hypo Tangerine Leopard Gecko


Make Sure You Visit Our Education Center

Interested in Reptiles and Amphibians but want to know more about these interesting creatures? We can help!

• Explore the evolution and natural history of reptiles through our interactive displays •

 • learn about our native reptiles, their current environmental status & protection  •

 • say hello to our mascot THOR and more! •